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Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories

We’ve had lots of heatwaves this summer when the temperature outside was 40C and above. It was too hot to go outside, so what did we do? Watch Horrible Histories of course!

31 Facts we’ve learnt watching Horrible Histories:

  1. Queen Victoria ruled for 64 years
  2. Queen Elizabeth the 1st had red hair. Other women dyed their hair with wee to be like her
  3. Aztecs dug holes in the ground to put their children in so they didn’t run about
  4. King Richard the 3rd wasn’t bad, Shakespeare made that up
  5. Everyone thought Henry the 8th was a badly, even Elizabeth 1 (his daughter) agreed
  6. King Henry 7th was the first Tudor and Elizabeth 1st was the last
  7. Charles 1st banned parties and Christmas, but Charles 2nd bought it back
  8. William the Conqueror was French
  9. He Conquered England in 1066
  10. Cleopatra had Julius Cesar’s baby
  11. She also made married her two brothers
  12. AND had a fling with Marc Antony
  13. AND her dad was her Mum’s Uncle
  14. She wore a false beard
  15. Celts fought in battles naked, (except for blue paint)
  16. The Aztecs would chop of your head, and use it as a cup to drink from
  17. They also used arms and legs as flutes
  18. AND human skins for drums
  19. Vikings had weird ways to navigate, like starving pigeons to be released at sea so they could follow them back to land
  20. Florence Nightingale turned down a black Jamaican nurse 4 times during the Crimean War
  21. The Jamaican nurse went on to open her own hospital, closer to the battle fields
  22. Scottish men wore ladies tights to protect their legs from gas attacks in the trenches
  23. AND they would wee on a hanky to hold up to their face if they couldn’t find their gas mask
  24. British soldiers would wee in buckets in the trenches, because the Germans would target the toilets in the mornings
  25. There was a home guard in Briton during WW2. Although there was never an invasion of Briton, many injuries occurred in the home guard because they were amateurs with weapons
  26. Queen Victoria’s name was Latin, and her husband was a German
  27. Blackbeard’s headless body floated around his ship 3 times after he had died
  28. Shakespeare made up Knock knock jokes
  29. Scotland did not contract the plague until their own soldiers bought it back from infected English soldiers
  30. There were 4 King Georges and the 3rd one was loopy
  31. AND number 1 died on the loo!

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories


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