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South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum

Yesterday we had a day out at the South Australian Museum. We’d been given tickets for Christmas (thanks Aunty Jassy!) for an exhibition that was being held at the museum about life on earth before dinosaurs, and decided to make use of them. The museum is in a beautiful old building on North Terrace in Adelaide, and unless you go to special event exhibitions, entry is free.

“The South Australian Museum has been committed to making Australia’s natural and cultural heritage accessible, engaging and fun for over 150 years. It is a place where families can learn and grow together.

Today the Museum is one of the most visited museums in Australia and holds collections of national and international significance. It is a leader in remote and regional community engagement, and in Australian Aboriginal heritage and scientific research.”


South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum

Oscar is not quite as tall as a giant Permian Sea Scorpion.

South Australian Museum

Comparing Fangs

South Australian Museum

Some of the really cool models moved and made noises

South Australian Museum

Learning about Fossils

South Australian Museum

The children learnt that the moving models were activated by a sensor if you stood in the right place

South Australian Museum

Learning about animals from South East Asia

South Australian Museum

Dressing Antarctic Explorers in the Mawson Exhibition

South Australian Museum

The Ice Wall in the Mawson Exhibition is REALLY cold!

South Australian Museum

So cold, brrrr!

South Australian Museum

Fun water fountains in front of the Museum

Oscar: We went to the museum, and I saw dinosaur bones. I learnt that a Permian Shark only had one row of teeth in the middle of it’s mouth. We got to dig up a fossil and eat chips at the cafe. I got to touch ice, it was freezing! We saw some bees in their hive, they could go outside the window of the museum to collect pollen and nectar. The dinosaur room was the best I took lots of photos of dinosaurs. I liked it all, but the Aboriginal room was boring. In the Egyptian room there were real mummies. The looked like statues, and we saw a giant squid. It was three floors high!

Lucy: We went to the Museum on the 26th of January 2014. I learnt that the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for the letter L is a Lion. I know this because in the name Cleopatra the second letter was an L which was a lion. We saw real mummies and the bandages around them were a browny red colour – which is gross!  I saw a baby joey in a glass jar. It didn’t even have it’s fur yet. I saw a whale skeleton which was really big! The bones were massive and Oscar could have fit inside it easily. The bones on the ends of its fins kind of looked fingers. There was a model of a big T-Rex skeleton head as well. I saw a lot of different spears in the Aboriginal room. They had spears for catching different animals. The spears for catching fish had lots of barbs. We got to see models of creatures that lived before dinosaurs, some of them moved. There was a lot of bees in the beehive that was in the information centre. I was surprised to see how many were flying in and out of the museum window. There are still giant squid in the ocean. They are called Colossal Squid. The model we saw three floors high, and it had really big eyes. Two of the tentacles were longer than the others and they went out to the sides, not just down like the others. I also learnt that there are A LOT of different types of monkeys in Asia and Africa. A cheetah and a leopard look very similar, but the cheetahs spots are smaller and there are lots of them.



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