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First Day of the School Term

Today, most of the school age children in South Australia went back to school for the first term of 2014… We went to the Beach. It was VERY hot today, 42C so a friend suggested that we join her with her two children at Henley Beach (one of South Australia’s beautiful metropolitan beaches). Henley Beach is perfect for a hot day like today because it has a jetty (pier) to sit under for protection from the hot sun.

We traveled to the beach by car, it took about an hour. In the car mum made us do maths, we had to tell her the answers. When we got to the beach the sand was hot to walk on. We took Oscar’s buckets and spades to play with, we used them to make sand castles and carry water. There was a sand bar that trapped nice warm water on the beach at low tide, we swam in there and collected jelly fish. Lucy was digging in the sand, and she accidentally picked up a crab. It was a black one about the size of her hand and when she dropped it back in the water it buried itself in the sand again. We had fish and chips for lunch, while we were waiting for mum to get it, we saw an empty crab shell and claws on the beach. We saw some big kids jumping off the jetty where it was deep. Oscar wanted to have a go where it wasn’t so deep, but mum said no. It was really hot, so we had to keep putting sun cream on, even though the wind made us feel cooler. There was coral growing on the poles of the jetty and the tide was coming in quite fast. Whilst we were there, the wind changed direction and started blowing off the water, it felt cooler, but it also made more waves.

Henley Beach Henley Beach Henley Beach Henley Beach IMG_2478 IMG_2474 IMG_2475 IMG_2476 IMG_2477 IMG_2473


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