Our Global Unschool Adventure

One family's quest to learn together

Plans? What plans?

Our Global Unschool Adveneture

Our Global Unschool Adveneture

Our Global Unschool Adveneture

We’ve had one of those weeks this week, where the days just seem to blend into one another. The days have been (a lot) cooler and we’ve spent a lot of time in our pajamas around the house. The children as still busying themselves with online learning, reading, making and playing, we’ve had some maths breakthroughs, but we’ve not been out of the house much. So today I proposed a plan and it went like this…”How about we do some online activities, dress and tidy up, go to the Library and then go down to the river to catch some tadpoles?”  Yup this mum knows how to motivate the kiddies, TADPOLES!

Normally here in the summer there wouldn’t be much water in our sad excuse for a river, (it runs dry most of the year) but a little over a week ago, over 100mm of rain fell and we saw a small stream under the bridge. After some maths and writing exercises, we quickly cleared up and set off for the local Library. Both children were thrilled to find several of their favourite kinds of books to borrow, lots of “Horrible Histories” titles for Lucy and a swag of “Star Wars” books for Oscar. Both with a book pressed to their noses, we made our way back to the car and down to the reserve by the river.

Since they barely looked up from their prizes for the short drive to the reserve, when we I arrived I suggested that we take the picnic rug down with us, so we could each bring along a few books to look at under the shade of a tree, when we’d had enough of netting tadpoles. Hi-5 ing myself on my excellent unschooling mum skills, I watched the kids skip ahead down to the bank of the river, a book in one hand, bucket and net in the other.

Both stopped dead in their tracks. “Um Mum, there’s no water.” Crap! Me and my tadpole idea were in trouble. “Hmmm, perhaps we’ll find a small pond around the bend?” I suggested, worried I’d got their hopes up for nothing, and off they skipped again down the path. When it became abundantly clear that the river bed was bone dry no matter how far we followed it, I decided it was time to come clean. I aplogised, “I’m sorry guys, I don’t think we’re going to find any tadpoles today” and waited for the whinging and possibly tears to begin.

“There’s a good spot over there” Lucy replied, pointing toward a grassy bank. “Race you!” declared Oscar, shouting over his shoulder, “Oh well, mum! We’ll just read our books!” Rug laid out, buckets and nets tossed aside, they were into their books before I could get out the bananas I’d bought for a snack.

I think these two bright sparks had already figured out the tadpoles were a no show today, and I think it didn’t bother them one little bit. All the more time to read a good book 🙂


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