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The Educating Parent – Beverley Paine

South Australian Museum

Simon being an educating parent.

This quote popped up on my Facebook newsfeed this morning, it’s by Beverley Paine, from her website, The Educating Parent
“The difference between unschooling and permissive parenting (the way I see it anyway) is that unschool allows a child to develop his or her own boundaries to suit his or her needs, personality, temperament and disposition (genetic inherited traits) WITHIN AN ATTENTIVE NURTURING ENVIRONMENT. Emphasis because that’s the bit most people miss noticing. Children are not left alone to sort this stuff out on their own. They are not left to learn on their own. They are supported and nurtured and helped. Children are active constructors of their lives, actions, attitudes, beliefs, values – our role is to help them work out what they need and how to meet those needs.”
Beverley Paine


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