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Lego Maths

One of the things that I have been very conscious of on our unschooling journey is the temptation to purchase ‘educational’ tools and equipment. Don’t get me wrong, some items are very useful, but given our plans to travel soon, and rid ourselves of all the unnecessary household items that a family acquires,  we have adopted a “we’ll make do” attitude. One of the things that I took for granted as a school teacher was a shelf full of  commercially produce ‘counters’ to use in maths lessons, (yes I am Australian, we say maths). Now that I’m at home with two very tactile learners we’ve found ourselves using bottle tops and of course, Lego! Lucy and Oscar both have an enormous collection of Lego, (that will need to be culled a bit before we hit the road) and the other day we decided to sit down and record all of the different ways that we could use it to practice our maths skills.

What’s your favourite ‘around the house’ maths manipulative? Can you add any other maths skills to our Lego brainstorming session?


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