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About Us

We are Simon and Gina, and our two beautiful children Lucy (11) and Oscar (6). Our other website is Our Global Adventure. Over there we publish tips and tales from our quest to travel the world together. It’s the story of how we quit our jobs and school, sold out house and everything in it, to chase our dreams. This website is all about our unschool adventures, the day to day learning that we do together. Mostly, this space is for the kids to record their digital journal of Our Global Unschool Adventures, but mum and dad have got some stuff to say as well.

Simon is a Tradesman (Fitter and Turner) turned IT Support Officer, then Recruitment Operations Manager, and long-term logical thinking, problem solver. Most of all though, he’s a dad and husband. Always fair, patient and kind, it takes a lot to rattle this man.

Gina is a School Teacher turned Cupcake Shop Owner and mum. She is the organised one, the dreamer and the one with her eye on the clock. Always flitting from one to the next, Gina is learning to slow down a little and focus on Homeschooling / Roadschooling Lucy and Oscar.

Lucy is a like her dad. Not much phases Lucy, and cool, calm and collected is the norm for her. Lucy is an avid reader and her favourite books of all time are the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games. She is thoughtful, generous and kind and always ready with a warm hug.

Oscar is a little pocket rocket. He’s full of energy, spunk and charisma, (although cheeky comes to mind as well!). He is always switched on and alert, looking for mischief and confidently tackling new challenges. Oscar loves Star Wars and his big sister.


2 comments on “About Us

  1. Nicole Dowd
    November 29, 2015

    Thank you for your thoughts & insight into homeschooling. I too have an 11 & 7 year old who are about to be pulled from their private school into homeschool life due to travel and my husbands work. I also worry about if I can keep them at the standard of their peers who go to school, but I am encouraged by your posts, thank you! I look forward to natural learning and hope I can enhance confidence, curiosity & a love of learning on my children.


    • Our Global Adventure
      November 30, 2015

      Hi Nicole,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I know that I for one had lots of worries around how my children would progress compared to their peers still in school – I guess that’s because as a teacher I had spent years doing just that with my students. However, I think that it has been me that needed to be ‘deschooled’ more than the children. Now in our second year of unschooling, I have come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter! Our children have been learning so much from our travels, and there is so much that they would never have learnt in classrooms at their current ages(especially history and geography). Our son who had very little interest in reading whilst at school now reads fluently, confidently and independently. Our daughter who had just been coasting along through maths lessons at school without any real comprehension, is now being given the opportunity to explore mathematical concepts at her own pace and without fear of being laughed at by her peers. They both now approach learning in a totally different way, more from curiosity rather than obligation. We have been in France for the past 3 months and our children were invited to attend the local school with the children of our host family. At first I went straight back to my old fears of ‘how would they compare to the other students’ given that they had been unschooled for over a year. But when we all realised that going to school here for 4 months had absolutely nothing to do with academic progress or even the lessons being taught. Our kids have gone with the intention of learning some French and making some new friends. We even had an arrangement with the school excluding them from homework or testing if the children did not want to participate in it. We had found a way for our children to be the masters of their learning even in a school setting! The kids are looking forward going back to unschooling again when we move on to the UK in January, and the greatest indication that we have received that maybe we are on the right track is to hear our daughter talk of the learning that she wants to go on with then when she has more time because her days won’t be taken up with school any more! Best wishes with your own family’s unschooling journey Nicole, please feel free to stop by again and let us know how you’re getting on. We don’t update this website as much as we should, but frequently do on http://www.ourglobaladventure.net.au


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